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1. From Daifang County To Kuya Korea


      Wa (meaning, separated from the continent)
people are living in the middle of the ocean in the
south-east of the Daifang county (in the Korean
), and making the villages of their countries
depending on mountains and islands.
     There used to be about 100 countries in the past, and
in the period of Han Dynasty, some of the people
appeared in the Imperial Court (of Han Dynasty).  There
are 30 countries right now, which keep corresponding
through messengers and interpreters.
     To go to (the land of) Wa from the Daifang county,
you could sail along the coast of many countries in
, heading south sometimes and east the other times,
before you reach Kuya (meaning, nine arrows?) Korea,
the coast of which is to the north of Wa countries. It is
about 7,000 (nautical) li (7 days of sailing) up there.

2. Tsuikai and Itai Countries