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1. From Daifang Country to Kuya Korea

2. Tsuikai and Itai Countries


     If you cross a sea for the first time and sail about 1,000
(nautical) li (1 day of sailing), you will arrive at Tsuikai
(meaning of the Chinese letters: twin seas) (meaning of
the Japanese pronunciation: a harbor rock and a wide
) country.  The primary officer is called Hiku (a
namely a tall mountain), and the secondary
officer is Hinamori (a field and six woods).
     The place they live is a solitary island and can be a
square of about 400 x 400 (nautical) li (4/10 day of
).  Its mountains are steep and forests deep.  Their
roads are as if for the paths for animals like deers.  There
are about 1,000 households, but not much good fields for
rice.  They are self-sufficient by eating marine products,
but get rice from the markets of the north and the south
by boarding on ships.
     If you go to southward again, and cross a sea called
(meaning of the Chinese letters: a large sea)
(meaning of the Japanese pronunciation:a wide sea),
you will reach Itai (a tall rock) country.  Its officer is
called again Hiku (a storehouse), and the secondary
officer is Hinamori (a field and six woods).
     (The size of the country can be) Estimated as a square
with 300 x 300 (nautical) li (3/10 day of sailing).  There
are many dense woods of bamboo and tree, and are about
3,000 houses.  There are some rice fields being cultivated,
but it is not enough for them to eat that they have to get
rice from the markets of its south and north.

3. From Matsuro to Ito Country