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2. Tsuikai and Itai Countries

3. From Matsuro to Ito Country


     By crossing again a sea of 1,000 (nautical) li (1 day of
), you will reach Matsuro (a hollow bay with a
front harbor
) Country
.  There are about 4,000 households
there, which are beside mountains and seas.  Weeds and
trees are grown so much that you will not be able to see a
person going in front of you.  They are good in catching
fish and abalone, and they do it anywhere, deep or shallow,
irrespective of the depth of water.
     By going on the land to the south-east 500 li (5 days on
), you will reach Ito (a rock door) Country.  Its
officer is called Niki (two hills), and the secondary ones
are Setsumoko (a back harbor and six children) and
Heikiyoko (a screen rock, a hill, a river, and a child)
There are about 1,000 households.  
     They have had (their own) kings successively, but they
have all been controlled by the Queen's countries.  This is
where the messengers from the (Daifang) county always
stay on their ways.

4. Na, Humi, Towoma, and Yamatai Country