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3. From Matsuro to Ito Country

4. Na, Humi, Towoma, and Yamatai Country


     Heading south-east 100 li (1 day on foot), you will reach
Na (a field) Country
. Its officer is called Shimako
(island mountains and children)
, and the secondary
one Hinamori (a field and six woods).  There are about
20,000 households.
     By going east 100 li (1 day on foot), you can reach
Humi (two waters) Country.  Its officer is called Tamo
(a tall and six)
, and the secondary one is Hinamori (a
field and six woods
. There are about 1,000 households.
     If you head south, you will reach Towoma (ten tailing
) Country
.  It takes 20 days of sailing. Its
officer is called Mimi (three waters), and the secondary
one is Miminari (three waters and seven woods).  
There can be about 50,000 households.
     If you go southward, you will arrive at Yamatai
(arrows, mountains, and a tall rock) Country
, where
the queen stays as the capital.  It takes 10 days by sailing,
but 1 month on foot.  There are officers, who are called
Ikima (five-hill mountain)
, Mimashiwo (three
mountains and four tails
), Mimakukuki (three
mountains, a wide storehouse and a hill
, and
Nakatai (inside wide and a tall rock)
.  There may
be about 70,000 households.

5. Queen's Countries