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4. Na, Humi, Towoma, and Yamatai Country

5. Queen's Countries


     About the north of the Queen's Country, we could write
the numbers of households and the lis of roads.  The rest
of the countries on the sides, however, are so far apart that
we cannot know them in detail.
     There is Shima (an island mountain) Country next.  
There is Shihakuki (eight storehouses and hills in the
) Country
next.  There is Iya (five arrows) Country
next.  There is Toki (a door and a hill) Country next.  
There is Mina (water fields) Country next.   There is
Kowokoto (five tailing children and a door) Country

next.  There is Huko (two children) Country next.  There
is Sana (three fields) Country next.  There is Tsuiso
between a harbor rock and Sona Country) Country
next.  There is Sona (a narrow field) Country next.  
There is Kowou (near five tails) Country next.  
There is Kanasona (a wide field and a narrow field)
next. There is Ki (a hill) Country next.  There is
Igo (five villages) Country
next.  There is Kina (a field
with hills
) Country
next.  There is Yama (eight
) Country
next.  There is Kiushi (an island
near a hill
) Country
next.  There is Hari (eight woods)
next.  There is Kii (between a hill and a rock)
next.  There is Una (near Na Country) Country
next.  There is Na (a field) Country next, which is the end
of the Queen's boundary.
     There is Kuna (nine fields) Country in the south.  A
man is made as its king, and there is an officer called
Kukochihiku (nine child lands and a hill)
.  They do not
follow the Queen.
     From the (Daifang) county to the Queen's countries, it
is about 12,000 li.

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