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5. Queen's Countries

6. Customs 1


     Every man, higher or lower (in the social ranks), has
tattoos on his face and body.  Since the olden days, the
delegates coming to China have always been introducing
themselves as Dafu (a government post in China,
meaning a big man
     When a son of (Emperor) Shaokang in the Xia
(Dynasty) was given Huiji (county in China), he cut his
hair short and tattooed on his body in order to avoid being
harmed by large lizards and dragons.  Wa's divers now
dive well to get fish and abalone, and do chase large fish
and water animals away by the tattoos on their bodies.  
In the later days, they have become decorations gradually.
     Tattoos are different in each country, which can be on
the left or the right side, and large or small.  There are also
differences depending on their social ranks.
     If we consider ways and distances, it (Wa countries)
has to be just to the east of Dongye (meaning,
) in Huiji (county in China).
     Their customs are not indecent.  The man weaves his
hair into like knots of dewdrops, and hold them on the
head with cotton cloths.  His clothes are combined on the
sides just by tying, and there is almost no sewing involved.
     The woman does not weave her hair, and just tie it up
by bending it.  She makes clothes resembling a single
layer of sheet cover, which is cut a hole in the center,
and worn by putting her head through it.
     They plant rice, hemp, and mulberry for silkworms.  
Collecting them, they make fine hemp linens and silk
     On their lands, there is no cow, horse, tiger, leopard,
sheep, or magpie.
     Soldiers use spears, shields, and wooden bows.  The
wooden bows are short on the lower part and long on the
upper part.  Bamboo arrows have iron heads or bone
     What they have and do not are identical to those in
Daner and Zhuya (on the Hainan Island in China).

7. Customs 2