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9. Taiwa and Itai-sotsu

10. Queen Himiko


     The country used to have a male as king originally,
who lived for 70 to 80 years.  Then the Wa countries
became in disorder, attacking and suppressing each
other for years.  Finally they collaborated to enthrone
a female as king, who's name says Himiko (a water
and a child
(namely, a river and a bay).
     She works on divine spiritualism, and captivates
people's minds well.  Her age is already high, and she has
no husband but a younger brother in Sachi (three
) Country.

     Since she became king, there has been a few people
who has seen her.  There are 1,000 maids who serve for
her willingly.  However, there is a male who enters her
place in order to serve meals and convey her words.  A
palace, a tower, and castle fences are seriously built, and
there are people who have soldiers guarding them all the
     If you go east from the Queen's countries, crossing a
sea of about 1,000 (nautical) li (1 day of sailing), there are
countries, all of which belongs to the kind of Wa.
     Then there is Zhuru (small people) Country, that is
to the south of the Queen's (country).  The height of the
people is 3 to 4 chi (2.4 to 3.2 foot).  After leaving the
Queen's county, it is about 4,000 (nautical) li (4 days by
     Then there is Naked Country and Black Teeth
to its south-east, and it will take 1 year by a ship
to reach there.
     When we visited the lands of Wa peoples' (described
above), they are on banks or islands in the ocean,
separated or connected each other.  If you go around
them, it may have 5,000 (nautical) li (5 days of sailing) as
a whole.

11. Dafu Nan-shiwomae and Toshi-gori