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10. Queen Himiko

11. Dafu Nan-shiwomae and Toshi-gori


     In June of the 3rd year (239 A. D.) of Jingchu, the
Queen of Wa dispatched Dafu Nan-shiwomae (meaning,
a back tail and a front shaft of Na Country
) and
others.  When they arrived at the (Daifang) county, they
asked for going to the Emperor's place in order to give
offerings.  Governor Liuxia sent an official and was ready
to escort them to the capital (Luoyang).
     In December of the year, an Imperial edict addressed
to the Queen of Wa said, "Imperial Edict to Qin Wei Wo
(meaning King of Wa who is friendly to Wei).  
Liuxia, the governor of Daifang (county), dispatched a
messenger and took (here) Dafu Nan-shiwomae and the
assistant delegate Toshi-gori (meaning five woods of
Toshi Country
).  They have reached here bringing 4
male and 6 female servants, and 2 pi (1 pi = 4 zhang)
and 2 zhang (1 zhang = 2.4 m) of cloths with mottled

12. Gifts from Wei Country