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11. Dafu Nan-shiwomae and Toshi-gori

12. Gifts from Wei Country


     "Although the place where you live has to be reached
by crossing over a long distance, you offered the
contributions by dispatching the messengers.  It shows
your loyalty and filial piety, so that I feel deeply
compassionate for you.  Therefore, I now place you to  
Qin Wei Wo Wang
(meaning the King of Wa who is
friendly to Wei
), and allow a gold seal and a purple
ribbon.  They will be packed with decorations, and
handed to the governor of Daifang (County), who will
give them to you for me.  With them, you may comfort
and take care of the people of your kind, and make
efforts to let them be obedient and filial.
     The visiting messengers, Nan-shiwomae and Gori,
have traveled over a long difficult way.  Therefore, I
place Nan-shiwomae to Shuai Shan Zhong Lang Jiang
(meaning a General Leading to Goodness) and Gori to
Shuai Shan Xiao Wei
(meaning an Officer Leading to
), and allow them silver seals and blue
ribbons.  After seeing them to comfort, I will send them
     Now, in return equivalent to the contributions from
you, given will be 5 pi (1 pi = 9.6 m) of red brocade with
intertwined dragons, 10 sheets of red woolen carpets
with streaks and fine dots, 50 pi of madder red cloth,
and 50 pi of dark blue cloth.  And especially for you,
given will be 3 pi of dark blue brocade with a wave
pattern, 5 sheets of woolen carpets with small flower
patterns, 50 pi of white silk cloth, 8 liang (1 liang = 14 g)
of gold, 2 swords in 5 chi (1 chi = 24 cm), 100 copper
mirrors, and 50 jin (1 jin = 0.22 kg) each of pearls and
red lead.
     They will be packed with decorations, and handed to
Nan-shiwomae and Gori.  On their return, you can check
and receive all of the items, and may show them to the
people in your country.  You should let them know that
because the nation (of China) have compassion on you,
the good things are granted courteously to you."

13. Dafu Ise-weki and Wekiya-ku